Hi, Thank you for all your help getting those nightmare tenants our of my house. I appreciate your great work in handling this problem. I’m enclosing a check for clean up, fixing of doors, sewer, etc. Thank you again for your help in this matter and I am looking forward to many years of productive work together.

Sincerely ~ HK

I have been meaning to call you to thank you for taking care of the sewer problem on our property. I really do appreciate you handling that with the City. It was nice to get that big check. We really needed it at this time. Have a great day. FB
I know you think the only time I call or e-mail is when something’s wrong. So I thought a “Thank You” was in order for getting all the tenants caught up and in line.


Dear Spencer,
I want to tell you how much help The Davis Company has been to me for the six years you have managed my mother’s property. Prior to meeting you, I did it myself. It was such a relief when I placed an ad in the newspaper, and you answered it. I had been dealing with the multitude of rental property problems. The most difficult was being firm with late rent situations. There are as many excuses as there is imagination. And finding handymen to give me good prices or even show up when I only had two pieces of property was almost impossible. Even meeting prospective renters to show the house was a problem. Often they would never show. You have done a good job for me, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your help.

Sincerely ~ NN

Happy Holidays!
Thank you for being such good property managers—it’s a pleasure to rent from you.

Thanks ~ BL

We have a new address and phone number. We appreciate you so much. I guess we talk to each other about how wonderful you are, but haven’t told you”

Thanks ~ K & M V

Dear Joanne
I am moving. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding managing job you have done with my properties. You have a fantastic system for collecting rent, selecting tenants, getting repairs done (so quickly) and maintaining a strong respect from the tenants.

Sincerely ~ TM

Dear Mrs. Davis
Thank you for an excellent job managing my property. Your were given a difficult task when I turned the property over to you to manage but you were diligent and did manage to collect the past due rent. When the property became available to rent again, your screening process assured that the new tenant would be satisfactory. I could not ask for a better tenant. It is certainly a relief not to have to worry about the property.
Again, thank you for the good job you are doing.

Sincerely ~ MB

Mr. Davis
We are moving to Texas. This is not an official move out notice but just a note of appreciation. We haven’t had very many landlords during the 14 years of our marriage but of the few we have had you are the finest. We have had other Christian ones but none who put it into their work as well as you. The year we have spent in school at CIU/CBS has been great and with our new training we are ready to begin the next phase God has been preparing us for.

In Christ ~ D&SE

My eyes are beginning to fail and I have problems trying to drive to my properties. I think, the best thing that I did with these properties, was turning them over to you to manage.

Thanks ~ Rev. WDD

I just wanted to send you guys a quick thank you for all that you do. I really appreciate you guys for taking care of everything. I have heard horror stories from some of my family and friends about the companies they rent from, but never once have I ever had to complain about your company. When there’s a problem, the maintenance people are there the same day. They even call me to make sure it is ok to go into my house, and they CLEAN UP before they leave. I refer you guys to anyone that is looking to rent an apartment or house.

Sincerely ~ JR